What is move-in Cleaning?

Move In cleaning is a comprehensive and deep cleaning service that we provide in new or recently vacated properties. This service is recommended for those who are moving into a new property and want to ensure that the space is clean and sanitized before moving in.

What do we do in a move-in cleaning service?

In a Move In cleaning service, our team of professional and highly trained cleaners work to clean and sanitize your new property. This includes cleaning surfaces, floors, bathrooms, kitchen, and other areas that need to be cleaned after the move.

Our Move In cleaning service includes a thorough cleaning in all rooms of the house, including hard-to-reach areas such as cabinets and closets. We clean and sanitize all kitchen appliances, as well as the surrounding areas. Additionally, we perform a complete cleaning of the bathrooms, including tiles, bathtubs, showers, and sinks.

Benefits of move-in cleaning

Hiring our Move In cleaning service offers several benefits for you and your family. Having your new property clean and sanitized before moving in can help ensure a healthy and safe environment for your family. The deep cleaning can also help remove any dirt or residue left by the previous owner or contractors during renovations.

Why Choose Us For Move-In Cleaning?

FLASH GUYS is a professional cleaning family business founded by a couple from Brazil with specialized experience in deep cleaning. With a team of trained and punctual Brazilian employees, FLASH GUYS has served over 1000 clients in the Los Angeles area, delivering high-quality cleaning services. They take pride in going beyond simple cleaning to help people organize and maintain a healthy home environment. Dedicated to excellence and customer satisfaction, FLASH GUYS strives to exceed expectations with their qualified services.